Strategic Management for Microfinance Executives
Washington DC, USA
23-28 September 2019

The course content involves opening delegates' minds with respect to strategic management, defining what is a strategy, then considering the impact of vision and mission statements and the impact of formally defining an MFI's values.

Strengths and Weaknesses are then analyzed with a capacity assessment tool which I have applied in dozens of MFIs over the past 15 years, and Opportunities and Threats are likewise analyzed by reviewing industry trends, important literature on competition, and a risk assessment tool which has been customized for the Microfinance Industry. Delegates develop quality SMART goals and objectives, which then links into reviewing important ways the MFI should be measured through ratios.

An important strategic management tool, called The Balance Scorecard is then introduced which combines all elements of strategy, goals and objectives, a measurement tool, and a work plan to improve results. A real life MFI application of the Balanced Scorecard is presented and delegates (and the instructor) arrive at quality measurement indicators which fit within an MFIs BSC framework. The need for budgeting is presented with a very brief overview of Microfin, based on delegates' interest.

Any strategic management training fails to fully prepare delegates for successful implementation if ideas and concepts of change management are not discussed, which is the culminating discussion of the course.

In the past, delegates have reacted very favorably to the training as follows:

  • The program is simply fantastic and skill acquisition oriented
  • I enjoyed Ratio analysis and its practical relevance
  • I enjoyed the mission and vision statement respectively and the "SWOT”
  • Very excited to have participated and shared and learnt from others. Great content and good logistics and facilitation. I fully recommend this program to all who want to climb the ladder of leadership at a strategic level
  • I highly recommend this training to all CEOs or top management working in microfinance institutions all over the world. I was fortunate to have received it.
  • I enjoyed all parts of the training, but I liked the discussions around the table and Howard’s stories from all around the globe were very enriching and interesting.
  • Excellent Facilitator
  • The training is good, especially with its experience and examples coming from MFI perspective, unlike some trainings that uses mainstream banking.
  • Exceeded my expectation. The human relations of Howard is the tipping point. I will give it 11 (out of 10).
  • I enjoyed implementing strategic management and "Balanced Scorecard”

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The cost of the course is normally USD 3,000, however if you register before 16 September 2019 (the week before the course) I will reduce the cost to USD 2,500.  Any registrations after 16 September will be at USD 3,000.  Delegates will need to book their own hotel and travel to the course.  The course does include coffee breaks and lunch, printed and a thumb drive with soft copy materials.  If you have any questions, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.